All Round Support For Forum To Continue

KUALA LUMPUR, OCT 19 – The International Forum 2010 held in conjunction with the Umno General Assembly beginning tomorrow has been well received all round.

Both Umno members and foreign representatives at the forum interviewed here think that an international perspective help in tackling problems and bringing people together.

Several Umno members were especially impressed with the experience of representatives of foreign political parties who attended the forum.

Chairman of the Umno Youth Community Complaints Bureau Datuk Muhammad Khairun Aseh cited the experience of the Congress Party of India.

He said that the Congress Party had regained wide support in India after losing the confidence of the populace.

Over 400 people, including 63 representatives from 22 political parties from 22 countries and representatives of overseas Umno clubs, took part in the two-day forum on “The Creation of Global Citizens: Media Liberalisation and the New Political Realities.”

Khairun believes that such a forum should be held in conjunction with umno general assemblies in future.

Information head of the London Umno Club Ahmad Dzuhair Hanafiah said the forum had enabled the exchange of ideas with members of the media attending it.

“It also allowed us to correct wild allegations against Umno and misconceptions about the party,” he said.

Head of the South Korea Umno Club Mohd Hafizul Ismail said the forum had given participants the opportunity to forward suggestions for “dynamic change.”

The foreign delegations enthusiastic about the forum included Secretary General of the National Congress for the Reconstruction of the Timor Leste Dr Dionisio Babo, who said that it very good initiative which provided an opportunity to share and learn from people all over the world.

“I strongly believe that this forum should be continued. It should be done anytime Umno has its general assembly and it should include other political parties in the region so that together we can contribute to a better world and become part of global citizenry,” he said.

Member of Parliament from Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front Senator Monica Mutsvangwa said that all countries need to come together and continue debating on the way forward and how to make their voices heard.

“I really enjoyed it (the forum). I would like it to continue because there is a lot more that we need to talk about and it would be wonderful if you can make it annually because there is a lot more to be done. This is just the beginning of it,” she said.

Uganda’s National Resistance Movement representative Habib Kagimu said Malaysia was a good example of an Islamic country where everything had been done in a moderate way and should be emulated by other nations.

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