Malays Do Not Wish To Take All

KUALA LUMPUR Oct 21 – Umno has always recognised the roles played by other races in developing the country and accepted the fact that the Malays were destined to live in the same country with other races and share its future.

Parit Sulong Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Zahri Jamil said in achieving the goal, all quarters should make sacrifices and put aside their personal interests.

“Everyone were required to make sacrifices, but nobody, not even one ethnic group, was asked to sacrifice everything.

“The Malays do not wish to take all,” he said when tabling a motion of thanks on the President’s speech at the Umno General Assembly 2010 at Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre, here today.

Ahmad Zahri said to enable all races to prosper, it was only right for the majority of the people who had been left out to be given proper attention.

“Assistance and support to the poor and the majority of people should be increased, instead of giving more and more opportunities to the few who are already successful,” he said.

Ahmad Zahri also proposed six major issues to be discussed by the delegates:

* Create awareness among party members on the political landscape which should be handled wisely and using a new approach;
* Demand that the Supremacy of the Constitution be upheld;
* Recognise the importance of Barisan Nasional’s (BN) leadership so that the government transformation plan and the economy could be implemented and developed based on the Constitution;
* Support the President’s determination to transform the country to a developed nation with a high-income economy by 2020 through the Government Transformation Programme, Economy Transformation Programme and the 10th Malaysia Plan.
* Call on Umno and BN component party leaders and members to take immediate action to strengthen unity among themselves in a bid to make a change to restore the people’s faith in BN; and
* Urge all Umno and BN members to focus on efforts to get the full mandate of the people in the next general election.

Meanwhile, Kapar Wanita Umno chief Norliza Ahmad proposed that the basic elements of unity, which had helped form the country 53 years ago and was stated in the Federal Constitution, be given more attention and inculcated among the
younger generation.

She said this was important to ensure that these young people would become good leaders of the future.

“The younger generation makes up 43.3 per cent of the population and they are the ones who will shape, change and lead the country in the future.

“So, they have to accept with open heart the landscape of the multi-racial population and accept it as an advantage to the country,” she said when seconding the motion of thanks on the President’s speech.

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