Avoid Four Diseases Of Barisan Nasional – Najib

KUALA LUMPUR 5 Dec – Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has reminded component parties of the four diseases inflicting parties long in power – delusion, amnesia, inertia and arrogance.

He told leaders at the Barisan Nasional convention on Sunday that “the party’s strength lies in its wisdom, sincerity, ability, vision and interest to establish a peaceful, stable and progressive nation.”

He urged party leaders to defend Putrajaya against the opposition, “not for self interest but for that of the people.”

Najib being greeted by party members at Dewan San Choon
The convention, the last one held in 2001, carries the theme “1People, 1Nation, 1Vision.

The 1Malaysia concept, the socio-economic situation, security, education, religion and the government delivery system are some of the topics to be discussed.

The 2,340 delegates had arrived at Dewan San Choon at Wisma MCA, where the convention is held, as early as 7am, all attired in the official blue Barisan shirts.

Najib was welcomed with the traditional music of the various races.

Present were Deputy Prime Minister and Barisan deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and leaders of component parties.

He said inertia set in when one was reluctant to undertake reforms and changes while arrogance reflected that one could not accept public reprimand.

Najib said that for its revival, the BN must find a formula of rehabilitation and implement the plan with consistency.

“That is what we are working on and that is what we are doing. Only then can we achieve the desired huge victory,” he said.

He said it was not enough just to have a positive perception, for it was necessary to nurture the people’s confidence in the BN through hard work and earnest efforts.

“I wish to remind always that these early successes should be made the basis of a more encouraging victory later. In other words, let’s not be lackadaisical and easily distracted. For the BN to continue to helm the leadership of the country and in the states, every (BN) component party should be strengthened and consolidated,” he said.

Najib said that compared to the situation during the 2008 general election when the BN was portrayed as having been doomed, the coalition had undergone revival by the day.

“The by-elections in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary and Galas state constituencies garnered huge victories. Retaining the Batu Sapi parliamentary seat with almost double the majority shows that we have regained the people’s support,” he said.

He said the root of the matter was that the BN always gave priority to the people and was able to deliver on its promises and, at the same time, elevate level that everyone could be proud of.

“All along, and with God’s will, the voice of the Barisan Nasional has been the sacred voice of the people. From Perlis to Sabah, the BN has been the pulse a bridge for the feelings, hopes, voice and aspirations of Malaysians,” he said.

In his speech of almost an hour, interspersed with applause from the delegates, ability to lead with vision and greater significance.

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