All Seoul Schools To Hire Security Guards By 2014

SEOUL, Dec 28 – Seoul will gradually expand the use of security guards to include all secondary and high schools by 2014 to ensure that students are better protected from violence, abduction and other crimes, municipal officials said Tuesday in its latest move to phase in the campus guard system, which will be first put into place in elementary schools next year.

In the first phase, 547 elementary schools in the capital city will employ two security guards each in 2011, Yonhap news agency quoted the officials as saying.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, in a recent interview, said the capital city has put the largest sum of next year’s education budget for child safety and it is speeding up other projects aimed at protecting young students from potential crimes in and outside schools.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has allocated 14.4 billion won (US$12.5 million) in a programme to recruit 1,094 security guards at all private and public elementary schools in the capital in light of a string of rapes and other sexual offenses against young students on campuses.

In addition, the city government will gradually hire more guards for girls’ middle schools, which are more vulnerable to crimes, in 2012 and deploy a total of 2,500 guards at 1,270 elementary, middle and high schools by 2014, officials said.

The trained campus guards will work on a two-shift basis from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday to patrol schools, control outsiders’ access to school grounds, and prevent accidental injuries and crimes such as assault, sex crimes and kidnapping, they noted.

“By establishing the school safety net with full-time professional guards, we expect that (schools) will more efficiently handle school violence,” a city official said.

Lagi Berita