Names With Same Spelling Aplenty – EC

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 17 – Names with similar spelling are aplenty in the electoral roll.

For instance, the name Azhar Ahmad is shared by 825 electors, Mansor Ahmad by 229 and Besah Mat by 14.

The matter came to light during checks conducted by the EC in the course of its investigation into claims by a PAS Youth leader that there were irregularities involving these names.

EC chairman Datuk Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria denied that there were irregularities, saying these were the names of legitimate electors and had their own accompanying identification numbers.

PAS Youth executive council member Suhaizan Kaiat claimed that there were three individuals with such names with a slight variation in the last two digits of their identification numbers.

Suhaizan also alleged that the three individuals had two sets of identification documents and that this would allow them to vote twice in an election.

Kamaruddin said that in the course of its probe into the claim, the EC conducted checks on the 12.3 million names of electors using the National Registration Department’s Agency Link-Up System (ALIS).

He added that the electors’ details were recorded based on their identification numbers and not based on names owing to the many instances of similarities in spelling.

“If anyone suspects anything with the electoral roll, he or she should refer the matter directly to the EC and not to other parties,” he said.

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