21,000 Summonses Issued For Parking Offences At KLIA

SEPANG, Aug 19 – The police issued about 21,000 summonses to people who parked their vehicles along the stretch leading to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport arrival and departure halls from January to July.

Sepang OCPD Supt Imran Abdul Rahman said today that some 11,000 summonses were issued at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal for a similar offence during the same period.

“This means an average of 3,000 summonses issued per month at KLIA and 1,500 summonses a month at LCCT to either private or commercial vehicles.

“Traffic congestion problem in front of KLIA and LCCT terminal is not new. This is due to the attitude of the motorists who park their vehicles wherever they like, especially in front of the arrivals and departure halls,” he told a press conference here.

He said that the traffic police would step up enforcement from time to time at both terminals.

Imran also hoped that the motorists would park in the space provided.

Meanwhile, he said that the crime situation in Sepang was under control.

However, Imran who began his duty in Sepang District Police Headquarters last May, said the public should avoid creating situations that tempt criminals.

He sad that they should, for example, ensure that their house was locked and secure when they go outstation.

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