Mat Sabu Plan To Meet Jamilah, Survivors Bukit Kepong, Stopped By Neighbours, Family Members

JOHOR BARU September 6 – Pas deputy president Mohamad Sabu’s plan to meet Jamilah Abu Bakar, a survivor of the communist attack on the Bukit Kepong police station, yesterday failed after the vehicle he was in was stopped by Jamilah’s neighbours and family members while making its way to her house in Taman Skudai Kanan here.

Mat Sabu, had intended to meet Jamilah, who was 4 years old when communists attacked the police station where her father, marine constable Abu Bakar Daud, was stationed. Abu Bakar was wounded and survived the attack but Jamilah’s mother and younger brother were killed.

In the 2pm incident, Mohamad’s driver, also a Pas member, was forced to make a U-turn before it could reach Jamilah’s house.

They then drove to a nearby surau, but before Jamilah’s neighbours and relatives could come near it, they left.

Jamilah ’s neighbour Mokhtar Jalok, 72, and her relative, Raja Zainal Abdullah, 69, were later seen exchanging heated words at the surau with Pulai Pas deputy chief Zaaba Ibrahim, who accompanied Mohamad, as he was leaving in his car.

“I know you (Zaaba). You run the scrap metal shop. Do not come here,” Mokhtar told Zaaba.

More than 40 people, including Jamilah’s relatives, neighbours, policemen, reporters and Johor Baru Umno Youth members had gathered at her house hours before Mohamad’s arrival.

Jamilah, who witnessed the killings of her mother and brother along with other victims in the 1950 attack, became emotional after Mohamad and his group left.

“Do not touch on Bukit Kepong again,” she said, adding she would not forgive Mohamad for making such a statement.

She also described Mohamad’s statement describing those who attacked the station as true freedom fighters as “biadap” (rude).

Jamilah said she felt traumatised by the incident.

“My heart still hurts very much as it involved my family. I do not want to meet him (Mohamad).

“I am thankful thatmy neighbours and relatives stopped him from seeing me.

“Jangan dibesarkan ini lagi. Jangan disentuh Bukit Kepong lagi,” said Jamilah. (Do not blow up this matter again. Do not touch on Bukit Kepong again.) Jamilah said Zaaba had visited her on Sunday with his wife.

“He claimed to be a government servant. He was explaining about Mohamad’s speech, which was posted on YouTube. He talked and talked but I only listened.”

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